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Roofing is a key part of any building or home in that it provides us with the protection from the elements, provides us with warmth, and can even enhance the design and look of the building or home it is on.

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We provide many options for your roofing needs. We stock full color lines of both Owens Corning 25 Supreme and Pro 30 shingles. Rubber roofing membrane and materials are also a stock item with us. We also order many other brands and items such as Tamko and painted metal roofing.


Oakridge PRO 30


More Colors

The Pro 30 series from Owens Corning provides a stepped up look from the traditional 3-tab shingles. Its dimensional design hides wear and provides better protection. These shingles come standard with a 30 year warranty, a 10 year algae resistance, and have a 70 mile and hour wind resistance.



Supreme Shingles

The Supreme 3-tab shingle series offer the classic shingle design of smooth clean lines. While these are slightly less than the Pro 30 series, they still over a great protection with a 25 year gurantee, 60 mile and hour wind resistance, and offer a Class A UL fire rating.


Rubber Membrane

Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing is a EPDM rubber membrane that comes in a roll and can be cut by the foot to fit your exact roof. For larger roofs multiple peices are adhesived together and form and water proof bond. Rubber roofs are easy to install and require little maintenance.
  • 20 year warranty



R-Panel / BPR Panel


Metal roofing is a cost effective solution to roofing needs. It provides a new style and additional benifits. Most metal roofs are able to be put right on top of your existing roof, saving time and money. The metal panels come in a variety of designs and are available in a number of colors that lets you have the color roof you desire.
  • Call for warranty information and availability



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